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Auditions are June 14th from 6-9 pm @ Abbey Players


Show Dates:

Friday, October 18th @ 7:00pm

Saturday, October 19th @ 7:00pm

Sunday, October 20th @ 2:00pm

Friday, October 25th @ 7:00pm

Saturday, October 26th @ 7:00pm

Sunday, October 27th @ 2:00pm


Please fill out this audition form —> The Rocky Horror Show Audition Form 


Show Description:

Richard O’Brian’s The Rocky Horror Show, first premiered in 1973. It's a campy, comedic tribute to science fiction and B-movies, filled with catchy songs, risqué humor, and outrageous characters. The story follows Brad and Janet, a couple, who stumble upon the mansion of the eccentric Dr. Frank-N-Furter, and his bizarre entourage. As they become entangled in Frank-N-Furter's strange experiments and physical escapades, they are introduced to a world of self-discovery, liberation, and acceptance. The story encourages audiences to embrace their unique identities and desires, challenging traditional notions of gender and sexuality. It's a rallying cry for self-acceptance and the courage to be true to oneself, even in the face of societal judgment. Embrace your individuality and defy societal norms!


The show and directive team encourages audience participation, with fans dressing up as characters and shouting out lines, making each performance a unique and interactive experience.


Creative Team:

Malani Hoffpauir - Director & Choreographer 

Fernanda Del Rosario Velderrain Bay Comeaux - Assistant Director 

Daphne Hardy - Stage Manager

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