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Winter 2022

Happy Hollandaise!


A British farce centering around Claire Finley, who wants to have the ‘perfect’ Christmas. She has hired the celebrated gourmet chef Vilma Hasenpfeffer to prepare her famous Hasenpfeffer Hollandaise Sauce for her dinner guests — the new vicar and his pregnant wife, Mary. Unfortunately, however, the chef is late, the guests are early and there are burglars loose in the neighborhood. To top it off, Claire’s father has been hit on the head and thinks he’s the leading man in all the West End theatre productions of the last 30 years. With the help of her quirky brother George, Claire tries to keep everything together as it continues to unravel.


December 2-4 & 9-11


Claire Finley - Kaitlyn Viator

George Finley - Grady Elmore

Philip Finley - Jeff Roberts

Vilma Hasenpfeffer - Anna Edwards

Tony Finch - Melanie Addy

Irene Quigley Francis Rachadell

Father Abbott - Todd Kidder

Mary Abbott - Ann Trahan

Inspector Abernathy - Natial d'Augereau


Zion Chisolm

Jennifer Melancon

Mike Williams


Director - Perry Ledet


December 2 @ 7:00 pm

December 3 @ 7:00 pm

December 4 @ 2:00 pm

December 9 @ 7:00 pm

December 10 @ 7:00 pm

December 11 @ 2:00 pm