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Spring 2022 - Bonnie & Clyde


When Bonnie and Clyde meet, their mutual cravings for excitement and fame immediately set them on a mission to chase their dreams. Their bold and reckless behavior turns the young lovers' thrilling adventure into a downward spiral, putting themselves and their loved ones in trouble with the law. Forced to stay on the run, the lovers resort to robbery and murder to survive. As the infamous duo's fame grows bigger, their inevitable end draws nearer.


Bonnie - Ally Hardin

Clyde - Billy Walker

Blanche - Lanie Marcantel

Buck - Connor Smith

Stella - Ashlyn Maturin

Ted - Grant Broussard

Trish - Dom Hawthorne

Hamer - Perry Ledet

Eleanore - Kaitlyn Viator

Young Clyde - Jason Soileau

Ferguson - Kimberly Lemaire

Preacher - John Caro

Young Bonnie - Veronica Lay

Sheriff - John Boudoin

Emma - Natial D'Augereau

Bud - Mindy Menard

Cumie - Eileen Boudoin

Young Ted - Ian Lemaire-Menard

Ensemble - Mary Gomez, Mia Lucas, Casey O'Brien, Hannah Phillips, Alyssa Romero, Amiley Romero, & Lilli Taylor


Director - Mitchell Prudhomme

Assistant Director - Hollie Guidry

Music Director - Lanie Marcantel